Float glass processing

Production. Our company is equipped with new, modern, high quality glass cutting and processing machinery and has a big stock of different types laminated glass, mirrors and decorative glass. We are specialized in the processing of thick laminated panes. We have in our stock standard and low-iron lami glass including 1212.2 thickness.

Glass cutting – we can cut standard monolithic and laminated glass up to 80mm. with max. size 6000x3210mm. Our cutting equipment consist of one 520 LAM Bottero laminated glass cutting line, one RBB DK 6000 vertical lami glass cutting saw and one INTERMAC Genius cutting table.

Glass edging – we can process monolithic and laminated glass up to 6000x3210mm. Our company has one Bovone ELB 10/45 and one Bottero VITRALUX 110FC

Glass drilling – We are equipped with a double sided semi-automatic drilling machine able to make holes till 65mm.